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How to Care for Diabetic Feet

Diabetic complications don’t have to happen to you. Here’s how to protect the health of your feet.diabetic foot care

When you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes there are so many things that you have to think about that it can feel a bit overwhelming. Not only is it important to keep your blood sugar under control but you also want to ensure that no health problems befall you. Since foot complications are common in those with diabetes, our Indianapolis podiatrist Dr. Yong Chae is here to provide some simple tips for how to keep feet healthy.

Wash Feet Daily

Just letting the water run over your feet in the shower isn’t the same as actually washing them. Using a gentle soap and warm (not hot) water, make sure to give your feet a thorough cleaning every day. And don’t forget to completely dry them off, particularly in between toes (which is one area prone to developing fungal infections).

Perform Self-Exams

You are going to be the first to know if there is something wrong with your feet. Of course, if you aren’t inspecting them every day then you may be less likely to tell whether there are suspect or suspicious changes that could greatly impact your health. When you inspect your feet make sure to look for everything from cracked skin to blisters, cuts, redness or calluses. Any changes in your foot health should be checked over by our Indianapolis foot doctor to make sure the issue is under control.

Wear Protective Footwear

Particularly if diabetes has left you with nerve damage, you will want to make sure that you wear shoes and socks every day (even when in the comfort of your own home). This is because you may not be able to feel if you sustain an injury to the foot, which can easily turn into a serious complication if left untreated. By wearing supportive, diabetic-friendly shoes every day you can help keep foot problems at bay.

Diabetes doesn’t have to negatively impact your foot health. Our foot care specialists in Indianapolis and Crawfordsville, IN, are here to help. Call Active Podiatry today!

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