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The Causes of Foot Pain

Foot-related issues can quickly become a frustrating source of pain and discomfort, causing normal tasks like making your morning coffee foot painor enjoying a walk with your dog. Luckily, your podiatrist can help you overcome your foot pain by pinpointing its cause and determining the best course of treatment for you. Find out more about the causes of foot pain and what your doctor can do to help you treat it with Dr. Yong Chae and the team at Active Podiatry with locations in Indianapolis and Crawfordsville, IN.

What causes foot pain? 
The causes of foot pain can vary greatly depending on medical history, lifestyle, underlying conditions, and other contributing factors. However, there are some causes of foot pain which are more common than others, including:

  • tendonitis
  • achilles tendonitis
  • sprain/fracture
  • bunions
  • stress fractures
  • arthritis
  • bursitis
  • neuroma
  • hammertoe/mallet toe
  • flatfeet
  • corns/calluses
  • bone spur

Diagnosing Foot Pain 
As with most diagnostic processes, your foot doctor will request that you come into their office for a physical examination. The exam may involve x-rays or MRIs depending on the circumstances. Your doctor will physically feel and examine the foot to assess whether there are any outward abnormalities and use the x-rays or MRIs to determine if anything is amiss on the inside. Then, they will use your medical history, family history, and lifestyle to investigate further into the cause of your foot pain. After diagnosing where the pain comes from, your doctor will then begin determining the best treatment for you.

Treating Foot Pain in Indianapolis and Crawfordsville
Your treatment will vary depending on the severity of your pain, its cause, and any other underlying or coexisting conditions. Treatment can range anywhere from simple rest, ice, compression, and elevation (RICE method) coupled with over-the-counter medications to surgery to correct foot-related issues. Your podiatrist is an expert in treating conditions which cause foot pain and is your best source of information for an effective treatment.

For more information on foot pain causes, diagnosis, treatment, or more, please contact Dr. Chae and the team at Active Podiatry with locations in Indianapolis and Crawfordsville, IN. Call (317) 328-6622 to schedule your appointment in Indianapolis and (765) 362-7200 to schedule your appointment in Crawfordsville today!

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