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By Active Podiatry
May 06, 2019
Category: Podiatry
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Have a bunion? You're not alone. Millions of people suffer from bunions. A bunion is an enlargement of bone that develops at the base of Bunionthe big toe. The main symptoms of a bunion are bone deformity, swelling, and pain. A bunion can negatively affect your quality of life. Led by podiatrist Dr. Yong Chae, Active Podiatry (offices in Indianapolis and Crawfordsville) treatments for bunions. Here are 5 signs that you may need bunion surgery.

1. You have a large bunion. Not all bunions are created equal. Bunions come in mild, moderate, and severe varieties. Surgery is most often done on moderate and severe bunions. Bunions are grades on how spread apart the bones of the feet are. Your podiatrist in Indianapolis and Crawfordsville will take x-rays and make measurements that help classify the bunion deformity as mild, moderate, or severe.

2. Your big toe is too painful. Some people with bunions may require surgery, but only if their symptoms are severe. You may need surgery if your toe is too painful. The surgery is called a bunionectomy. Bunion surgery usually isn't done unless you've already tried other treatments and they did not relieve your discomfort.

3. Wearing shoes causes pain. Once a bunion is very large, it's hard to find footwear that fits and doesn't cause further inflammation. The joint may also become very stiff and sore and shoes may be too painful to wear. Bunion surgery will correct the deformity, alleviating your discomfort, and improving your foot function.

4. Your foot is swollen. A bunion can cause inflammation around your big toe joint. The inflammation may become worse by pressure from wearing shoes. Bunion surgery may also be required when chronic inflammation isn't relieved with rest, over-the-counter or prescription medications.

5. Your bunion impacts function. You may need surgery if you can't easily perform your daily living activities. The metatarsophalangeal joint helps us bear and distribute weight during a range of activities. A bunion at this critical junction of bones, ligaments, and tendons can impair the foot's functioning. As the joint becomes more painful and harder to fit into shoes, you may have to curtail exercise and other activities. Even walking may become difficult.

Say hello to healthy and happy feet. Call your podiatrist at Active Podiatry at (317) 328-6622 today to schedule an appointment in Indianapolis, IN, or (765) 362-7200 today to schedule an appointment in Crawfordsville, IN. Bunion surgery can help you feel better, move better, and relieve your pain permanently!