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By Active Podiatry
June 15, 2017
Category: Foot Care
Tags: Ankle Pain  

Chronic lateral ankle pain is pain that is a recurring or chronic pain on the outside portion of the ankle. This often develops after an injury ankle painsuch as a sprained ankle. Your podiatrist in Indianapolis and Crawfordsville, IN, Dr. Yong Chae, can examine each patient and determine the cause of their particular pain. He is well versed in treatment options for ankle pain and is dedicated to helping his patients to relieve their pain and discomfort.

About Ankle Pain

Some of the most common signs and symptoms of ankle pain include:

  • Stiffness
  • Swelling
  • Tenderness
  • Repeated ankle sprains
  • Pain on the outer side of the ankle
  • Difficulty walking on uneven ground
  • Instability

Some other causes of ankle pain other than ankle sprains include:

  1. Torn or inflamed tendon
  2. Fracture in one of the bones in the ankle joint
  3. Arthritis in the joint
  4. Inflammation in the lining of the joint
  5. Nerve injury
  6. Scar tissue in the ankle after a sprain

Going without treatment for an extended period of time can further extend one's injury. Proper footwear is important as it can support the foot and ankle the best. For many patients, custom orthotics may be helpful for any type of pain in the foot, not just the ankle.

Ultimately, your podiatrist in Indianapolis and Crawfordsville, Dr. Chae, has countless treatments available for his patients. Some of the most common treatment options for ankle pain include anti-inflammatory medications to reduce swelling. Physical therapy also has been successful as it focuses on strengthening the muscles, restoring range of motion and increases the perception of the joint itself. Ankle braces can also be used. Steroid medications are used to reduce inflammation and for arthritis.

For more information on professional ankle pain treatment from an Indianapolis and Crawfordsville, IN podiatrist such as Dr. Chae, call his office at 317-328-6622 today.

By Active Podiatry
June 14, 2016
Category: Foot Care

An injury which keeps you from comfortably going about your daily activities can be a frustrating and annoying experience. While a sprained ankletwisted ankle may heal within just a few days, a sprained ankle is a much more complex medical issue. Learn more about sprained ankles with help from your Indianapolis, IN podiatrist at Active Podiatry, Dr. Yong S. Chae.

What is a sprained ankle? 
A sprained ankle occurs when the ligaments in the ankle become damaged or torn. This is often due to a traumatic event such as twisting your ankle. The first sign of an ankle sprain is immediate pain, bruising, and swelling at the site of the injury. The ankle will probably be tender to the touch and hurt when you move it. Most ankle sprains prevent you from putting weight on the affected foot.

What should I do if I sprain my ankle? 
A good rule of thumb for any foot or ankle injury is that if it hurts, you should stay off of it. Use the “RICE” method until you can see your Indianapolis podiatrist:

  • Rest: Rest your foot and ankle and refrain from putting any weight on it as much as you can to trigger the body’s natural self-healing methods.
  • Ice: Apply an ice pack to the swollen, painful ankle for about 10 minutes an hour the first day. This helps reduce pain and swelling.
  • Compression: Wrap the ankle using a compression wrap like an ACE bandage to help bring down swelling.
  • Elevation: Keep the foot elevated above your heart for several hours a day to reduce bruising and swelling.

If you think you have sprained your ankle, schedule an appointment at Active Podiatry as soon as possible. An untreated sprain can become worse and take longer to heal or even produce more complicated issues. After using an x-ray to determine for certain that the bones are not broken, Dr. Chae can help you determine the best course of treatment for your ankle at your appointment.

For more information on ankle sprains and their treatment, please contact Dr. Yong S. Chae at Active Podiatry in Indianapolis, IN. Call (317) 328-6622 to schedule your examination today!

By Active Podiatry
March 04, 2015
Category: Foot Care
Tags: Ankle Pain  

What Causing My Ankle Pain?If you've been experiencing pain in one or both of your ankles and you aren't sure why, read on.

Ankle pain can be troubling, particularly if it comes on all of a sudden and seemingly for no reason. Although this is a common reason to visit a podiatrist, the ankle is a complex structure and there are many causes for ankle pain. Visiting Dr. Yong Chae can help alleviate your concerns by determining the cause and the treatment.

Sprains and fractures

Sprains are among the most common reasons people visit their podiatrist. It is estimated that 25,000 ankle sprains happen every day. These injuries happen when the ankle is twisted or rolled in an unnatural way, resulting in the ligaments tearing. The ankle may be swollen, bruised or tender to the touch. In some cases, the pain and instability can be so great that putting weight on the affected ankle is impossible. Your Indianapolis podiatrist will run a series of tests to determine the degree of the sprain and what can be done to repair it.

Ankle fractures are less common than sprains, but often happen in the same situations and can have similar symptoms. An X-ray will determine if one or more of the ankle bones has been fractured.

Arthritic conditions

Osteoarthritis is another common reason that people complain of ankle pain. When the cartilage cushioning the area between your bones begins to wear thin, this can cause swelling, stiffness and a deep ache within the joints. While rheumatoid arthritis is a different condition, one that originates in the immune system, it can produce similar sensations. However, it tends to be systemic, meaning that affects other areas of the body such as the eyes, heart and lungs.

Other reasons

Gout, pinched nerves and bone spurs are other causes of ankle pain. It is important to remember that if your ankle pain is accompanied by a fever and fatigue, it may require urgent attention. These are signs of an infected joint or rheumatic fever.

As you can see, ankle pain can be due to a myriad of conditions. Dr. Chae has the credentials and experience to diagnose your discomfort and help you return to normal. Call Active Podiatry in Indianapolis, IN at (317) 328-6622 for more information on professional ankle pain treatment. Or, send us a message through our contact form!

By Dr. Yong S. Chae.
August 08, 2014
Tags: Ankle Pain  
Ankle Pain CausesAre your ankles swollen? Tender? Unstable? Do you experience either sharp or dull pain in them when you walk? Foot and ankle pain—while seemingly common—is in fact very serious and should be tended to at the first signs of pain or discomfort. People who are active may also fall victim to a higher frequency of ankle sprains. If you’ve injured your ankle or are experiencing any pain in your feet at all, contact Indianapolis podiatrists at Active Podiatry. They can identify the causes of your ankle pain and get you back on a pair of healthy feet in no time.

Below are some common causes of ankle pain:

  • A fracture in ankle bones
  • Arthritis of the ankle joint
  • Inflammation in the joint lining
  • Injury to the ankle (nerves may become stretched, torn, pinched, or injured by a direct blow)
  • Scar tissue in the ankle after a sprain
  • Torn or inflamed tendon(s)

Ways to Treat Ankle Pain

If your ankle is in pain due to one of the aforementioned causes, it is absolutely essential that you visit a podiatrist to correct the problem and avoid further injury. Walking on an untreated fractured bone can have serious consequences for the future of your overall foot wellness. Our staff in Indianapolis can help ease your pain and reduce the damage to your hurt ankle by utilizing a number of treatment options:
  • Over-the-counter or prescription anti-inflammatory medications to reduce swelling
  • Physical therapy
  • Ankle braces or other supports
  • Steroid medications
  • Immobilization in a cast to allow the bone to heal (for fractures)
If you’re an Indianapolis resident experiencing foot or ankle pain, don’t ignore it. Call (317) 328-6622 to schedule an appointment with a podiatrist at Active Podiatry in Indianapolis, IN or contact us by filling out our site's contact form.