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What Is Bunion Surgery and When Is It Needed?

If you're dealing with painful bunions, and conservative treatment methods like specialized footwear or pads fail to bring you relief, you bunionsmay be a candidate for bunion surgery. Also called a bunionectomy, your Indianapolis foot doctor Dr. Yong Chae at Active Podiatry, performs this surgery to relieve people of pain and correct the abnormal bone growth that bunions cause. Learn more about bunion surgery here.

What are bunions?

Many people think that bunions are an extra growth of tissue that forms on the outside of the big toe. They are actually an enlargement of the bones in the first joint of the big toe, but can become so large or deformed that they appear to be an excess formation. They are typically caused by wearing ill-fitting footwear, including high heels, or genetic predisposition. Your Indianapolis podiatry office also sees patients with bunions that are caused by arthritis.

What is bunion surgery?

The type of surgery that your Indianapolis podiatrist performs on your bunion will depend on its severity and location. Removal may involve reduction of the bone and a repositioning of the tissues that surround it, or it could involve replacement of the entire toe joint with an artificial joint. Many bunions surgeries are performed under local anesthesia, in which your foot is numbed to the ankle but you remain awake. More in-depth surgery may necessitate general anesthesia, in which you will be asleep during the procedure.

Why would I need bunion surgery?

Podiatrists like Dr. Yong Chae in Indianapolis typically try nonsurgical treatments of bunions first. This can include changing your preferred style of footwear, applying pads or cushions to the bunions or wearing custom orthotic inserts in your shoes. However, if bunion pain persists, a bunion may be too advanced to respond to conservative treatment and surgery may be necessary to remove them entirely.

It is important to remember that surgery is not necessary for everyone with bunions, even those that have been present for a long time. If you have a bunion that needs treatment, contact Active Podiatry in Indianapolis, IN to set up an appointment with Dr. Yong Chae. We'd be happy to help you get back on your feet!

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