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What's Causing My Ankle Pain?

What Causing My Ankle Pain?If you've been experiencing pain in one or both of your ankles and you aren't sure why, read on.

Ankle pain can be troubling, particularly if it comes on all of a sudden and seemingly for no reason. Although this is a common reason to visit a podiatrist, the ankle is a complex structure and there are many causes for ankle pain. Visiting Dr. Yong Chae can help alleviate your concerns by determining the cause and the treatment.

Sprains and fractures

Sprains are among the most common reasons people visit their podiatrist. It is estimated that 25,000 ankle sprains happen every day. These injuries happen when the ankle is twisted or rolled in an unnatural way, resulting in the ligaments tearing. The ankle may be swollen, bruised or tender to the touch. In some cases, the pain and instability can be so great that putting weight on the affected ankle is impossible. Your Indianapolis podiatrist will run a series of tests to determine the degree of the sprain and what can be done to repair it.

Ankle fractures are less common than sprains, but often happen in the same situations and can have similar symptoms. An X-ray will determine if one or more of the ankle bones has been fractured.

Arthritic conditions

Osteoarthritis is another common reason that people complain of ankle pain. When the cartilage cushioning the area between your bones begins to wear thin, this can cause swelling, stiffness and a deep ache within the joints. While rheumatoid arthritis is a different condition, one that originates in the immune system, it can produce similar sensations. However, it tends to be systemic, meaning that affects other areas of the body such as the eyes, heart and lungs.

Other reasons

Gout, pinched nerves and bone spurs are other causes of ankle pain. It is important to remember that if your ankle pain is accompanied by a fever and fatigue, it may require urgent attention. These are signs of an infected joint or rheumatic fever.

As you can see, ankle pain can be due to a myriad of conditions. Dr. Chae has the credentials and experience to diagnose your discomfort and help you return to normal. Call Active Podiatry in Indianapolis, IN at (317) 328-6622 for more information on professional ankle pain treatment. Or, send us a message through our contact form!

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