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Preventing Bunion Development

A bunion is a very common foot problem that could become unsightly and painful for some people. The most effective way of preventing bunion development or its progression involves some simple precautions. Although it’s true that not everyone could prevent a bunion from forming, it’s likewise true that some could. Unfortunately, not all people take prevention seriously until a bunion has already formed and only bunion surgery can help them.

Here at Active Podiatry, Dr. Yong Chae can take a look at your bunion at either one of our offices in Crawfordsville or Indianapolis, IN, to help you determine the most effective treatments for it. That being said, follow these basic tips to cope with your bunion and prevent it from interfering with your daily activities:

Wear Properly-Fitted Footwear with Wide Toe Boxes

The pain coming from your bunion is caused by significant pressure over its most prominent area due to ill-fitting shoes. Alleviating this pressure will help prevent the bunion’s progression and relieve your pain. In general, look for shoes with wide toe boxes so as not to cram your toes together. Take note though that you should also make certain that the shoe’s arch and heel area fit well.

Pad It Up

Bunions that are irritated and painful become more prominent. You can ease this by padding your bunion with cushion or moleskin before wearing your socks and shoes. Your podiatrist can likewise recommend simple braces to safeguard your bunion. Some people also have certain foot mechanics that put irregular pressure on the bunion. In these cases, a podiatrist can craft customized orthotics to correct the foot’s abnormal positioning.

Give Your Feet Ample Rest

Whether you are at home or in the office, it is a good idea to remove your shoes every so often to relax and stretch your feet. In addition, if you need to wear tight shoes or high heels for an event, make sure to wear open or comfy shoes throughout the rest of the day.

If these prevention measures and home treatments fail, you should visit either our Crawfordsville or Indianapolis offices to discuss the possibility of bunion surgery.

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