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What To Do About Ankle Pain

Ankle pain, whether it stems from a slight sprain or an unknown cause, can often be managed with at-home strategies. It can be difficult to know if your discomfort is caused by a  sprain or something more serious like a fracture. It's important to visit your podiatrist in these circumstances so they can diagnose the extent of the injury and suggest the best possible treatment. To learn more about what you can do about ankle pain in Indianapolis, and Crawfordsville, IN, reach out to Dr. Yong Chae of Active Podiatry.


Sprains can occur when the ankle joint suddenly twists or rolls. The motion can be so sudden and forceful that it damages ligaments and tissue. Inflammation is often the first noticeable symptom, which is accompanied by pain. Applying ice for short periods throughout the day, along with elevation and rest, can help reduce inflammation. You can further help this process along with over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication.

How Your Doctor Can Help 

Managing inflammation and pain immediately after the injury or pain is important but it does replace seeing your podiatrist. Your doctor can examine your ankle and determine the extent of the damage. They could prescribe different methods of ankle support, or a cast, depending on the diagnosis. Physical therapy will typically accompany most treatment options, as the goal of all of them is to ultimately help you regain your range of motion.

Ankle Pain in Indianapolis, and Crawfordsville, IN

Accidents can always happen and they're difficult to avoid, but we can still do what we can to help prevent ankle injuries in the future. We can do so by wearing proper footwear that supports our ankles, and by stretching often, especially before a workout, or work.

If you are dealing with ankle pain in Indianapolis, and Crawfordsville, IN, schedule a consultation with Dr. Chae of Active Podiatry by dialing (317) 245-6223 or (765) 362-7200.

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