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By Active Podiatry
March 14, 2019
Category: Foot Care
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When your feet hurt, you're miserable, and the pain disrupts your daily routine. What's the solution? At Active Podiatry in Indianapolis and Foot PainCrawfordsville, Dr. Yong Chae is your podiatrist, and he can help eliminate foot pain with accurate diagnoses and discomfort relieving care plans that will get you moving again!


The most common causes of foot pain

Most foot pain stems from age and overuse. In fact, the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons states that even health benefitting gym workouts and sports can cause a variety of acute and chronic foot and ankle problems including recurring pain.

At Activity Podiatry in Indianapolis and Crawfordsville, Dr. Chae sees scores of patients whose feet hurt simply because of being active or because enough time has passed for them to begin experiencing age-related issues.

The following three podiatric problems are some of the most common causes of discomfort and they can be relieved through common sense strategies and interventions recommended by Dr. Chae. They include:

  • Metatarsalgia: An inflammatory condition involving the area of the foot just behind the toes. The ball of the foot experiences sharp pain and swelling often as a result of a gait problem called overpronation.
  • Bunions: An often painful deformity that forms around the joint at the base of the big toe. Also called Hallux valgus, this sore, red bump often progresses to the point where the big toe turns toward the second toe and may even overlap it. Age, weight, and tight shoes contribute to bunion formation and progression, with arthritis often accompanying it, compounding the pain and mobility issues.
  • Plantar fasciitis: An inflammation of the band of connective tissue which stretches from the heel bone to the base of the toes. Overpronation, or repeated twisting of the foot toward the midline, contributes to this very painful condition, as does athletic overuse, unsupportive footwear, and weight problems. Heel bone spurs sometimes co-exist with plantar fasciitis, as well.


If you have foot pain...

Be sure to book an appointment with Dr. Yong Chae. He'll listen carefully to all your symptoms, inspect your feet, watch you walk, and do X-rays and other imaging if warranted. You'll receive a treatment plan which will reduce your pain and increase your mobility.

These interventions are frequently included in a podiatric care plan to reduce pain:

  1. Rest
  2. Ice
  3. Elevation of the foot above the level of your heart
  4. Pain relief with over-the-counter analgesics such as ibuprofen
  5. Change to shoes with room in the toes, low heels, and shock-absorbing soles
  6. Shoe padding, particularly for bunions
  7. Using customized shoe orthotics (inserts) to correct gait issues and provide cushioning and support
  8. Stretching exercises and physical therapy


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If you're in pain, we can help. Please call Active Podiatry for an appointment today. Dr. Yong Chae has two offices to serve you. For the Indianapolis location, phone (317) 328-6622, and for Crawfordsville, call (765) 362-7200.